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Like Rees Mogg, he has the Saturn-Uranus opposition, the aspect par excellence for a person unconsciously trying to be in permanent control of his life and do the conventional thing whilst the other side of him wants to throw caution to the wind and be the rebel, the unique eccentric who is different from the herd. If he is still high on the list of favoured candidates in a leadership election, he is perhaps the most popular choice — remember, the Tories will be thinking of winning the next election.

In summary, October and November should — dare I say it — be excellent months for the Conservative party. We have discussed those Jupiter transits ready to bring some creative potential for change, and anytime during Autumn — Sep to Nov — would be the astrologically opportune moments to have a new leadership contest. Are you listening, Tories? Britain is set to leave the European Union at 11pm on Friday 29 March, The issues at stake here are how much the UK owes the EU, the fate of the Northern Ireland border and what happens to UK citizens living in the EU not to mention those EU citizens resident in Britain But the timetable for the negotiations is — at the time of writing mid.

During January , the EU commission will propose recommendations on the transition arrangements that are to be enshrined in the withdrawal agreement. This looks very much like talks about future talks, but it has been pointed out by commentators that Brexit talks will not be at all easy or smooth for the UK. For one, during as a whole, progressed Venus is exactly opposite Saturn on the Tory chart the event chart erected for the formation of the Conservative party on April 12th This bodes unfavourably for general popularity, it must be said, whether at home or abroad. But if we start to narrow things down month-by-month on the Tory chart, we find the progressed moon exactly conjunct Saturn in March, when important negotiations are due to start on the EU withdrawal agreement.

This is another suggestion of some kind of stasis, and strong disagreement with concerned parties in entrenched positions. Also, some sense of disappointment in the air. There are some good augurs for the party and do remember this is really all about the Tories, and not Britain as a whole in the all important month of October when the deadline for a withdrawal agreement looms.

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Naturally, the Tories can claim credit. Austerity writ large. The transits for the UK chart on the day it is scheduled to leave the EU March 29th, show something highly symbolic and resonant: Saturn opposing the moon. This is yet another occasion when Saturn has a prominent role in this whole business of separation, leaving, saying goodbye.

Boris Becomes Leader: Astrological announcemnt Chart

Sometimes, one even makes a virtue of this alienation — pretending not to need others at all. An extremely apposite transit for the UK chart at this time! Plus, some political commentators opine that Brexit will not only be a massive failure but that the UK will have to rejoin the EU at at later date. This volte face , presumably, could not happen without a change of government.

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Under the fixed-term Parliaments Act of , the next general election in Britain is not scheduled to occur until May 5th, The progressed chart of the UK for that date shows the moon in the 4th house, along with the sun approaching a conjunction with our old friend Saturn — which at the very least indicates the powerful attachment to tradition and the past we saw in the original referendum chart and why I predicted the UK would leave the EU. It may also mean no change of government, irrespective of whether or not Theresa May is still leading the Tories. Saturn is ultra cautious! Even the chart for England when progressed for May 5th, , shows a T square involving Saturn, Chiron and Venus in the 9th house.

Put another way, this does not sound like an augur of a second referendum on Brexit following a change of government! It sounds just like what Mrs May said it does — Brexit means Brexit! There is talk of Article 50 extension. How about 6 months. Elsewhere spiritualenergyinfo.

Though no details of what government we would have at that time. Thanks for the insights. Thanks for commenting, Graham. Aaaah, something to look forward to in the New Year.

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So many National Charts, wonder what there is for Northern Ireland as well. Someone maybe you? Seasons greetings to all, Graham. Latterly, one for the Good Friday agreement though this can be regarded as a progressed chart for the original. All the best to you. I came across radical-astrology. He uses and charts as well, though no postings for a while. Zon 60 C—3. Maan OND Ura. Maan 60 Zon. Jup 60 Chei. Tr Mars comes and hits precisely this spot also 7.

Not good.

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Tr Saturn squares natal Sun same time. With the associated Grand Cross, the astro-cycles clearly indicated the nature of the campaign; one characterised by confusion, manipulation, fear immigrants, especially Turks, if we remain; economic disaster if we leave , abandonment of reason, blame and intolerance.

Far too many people would base their vote on prejudice or treat the process as a by-election to teach the establishment a lesson. The outcome and the way it was received could hardly have been more like the nature of the transits. Soon after the vote was announced, key leaders on both sides either resigned or withdrew, leaving others to sort out the future.

Was a more long-term malaise in Labour support the real reason? The Conservative Party originally decided to announce their new leader on 9 September, the day before the third and final Saturn-Neptune square. It seemed that the entire period of that square was to be taken up with the preparation, decision, and then indecision concerning the Brexit vote.

This Libran with strong Virgo planets was dominant enough to spare the nation a bruising contest, but her task ahead will be far from easy. In the coming few months, transiting Pluto trines her Jupiter, and Saturn retrogrades back towards her progressed Sun and Saturn, and then forward across her progressed Mercury. In the midst of this Saturn in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces time, as we struggle for survival out of the debris of the massive upheaval of the Uranus-Pluto squares, people all over the world are making massive, poorly-conceived decisions and performing the most ruthless actions for short-sighted and selfish reasons.

Astrological Association of Great Britain :: What are the Prospects for the Euro?

We are in one of the most unreliable periods in human history, when it is vital to learn from the past. The Saturn-Neptune square has been greatly empowered by its t-square to Jupiter in Virgo; all climaxing in a mutable Grand Cross through the late spring and summer, as inner planets transited Gemini.

Events for Britain and all over the world could well lead to terrible outcomes, for which our times will be remembered. Is it destined that we are doomed, or can astrological understanding guide us to doing something better with the future? So, should we have stayed and helped guide the transition? With less rush to decide, delaying the Referendum vote until the end of or spring would have enabled a less frenetic, more considered discussion of the idealism unpinning both sides of the argument.

Because it did not happen this way, the UK has to cope with the bad impression our unilateral decision may have created. Are the majority of British people motivated by self-interest, less concerned with the disadvantaged in the poor parts of Europe; only willing to help refugees if they stay a safe distance away, close to the borders of their country?

It is never too late to turn such impressions around. It could be argued that the EU is a club for the privileged that slowly allows in a few of the less well-off, but essentially operates at the expense of the under-privileged masses in the rest of the world. The astro-cycles since have been accompanied by so much destruction, suffering and confusion that an anarchy of blame and retribution screams out mindlessly on all sides all over the world. As the Saturn-Neptune square eases into the autumn, wherever we are in the world, negotiations that enable rather than defend selfish interests, that are inclusive without exposing vulnerability, that share rather than exploit, could go a long way towards easing tension.

As boiling resentment and outrage cool, will we start preferring to solve our problems, to turn away from the constant desire for revenge that only makes them worse? She is right to address the injustice and neglect experienced by so many working people who supported Brexit.

The post recovery has benefited the few at the expense of the many. Yet, the need to address injustice does not end at the borders of the UK. We cannot wash our hands of the responsibility to help to care for millions of people all over the world, whose experiences are far direr than ours, as they seek to survive without food, a proper home, or country.

Wealth, housing, laws and opportunities that favour, or even give exclusive access, to the rich and privileged, which are the root cause of conflict and rebellion within our nation, are the cause of even greater global conflict between countries and cultures. Force of economic power and armed strength create desperate victims. However successful the new UK government is in turning the fine intentions of its leader into tangible benefits for its people, its achievements will be empty and unsustainable if good, kind relationships with others beyond the UK borders are ignored.

The window of flexibility to adjust to the new global structure will be hardly fifteen months before Saturn ingresses Capricorn in December Through a new way of doing business in the world will start to take shape, as we build towards the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius on the day of the Winter Solstice.

Through these years, the UK will be increasingly placing itself outside of presently existing certainties, depending upon new friendships we are making on the way, supporting ourselves with just the dwindling resources of the Bank of England. Turning our backs on giving to the world and focussing on our little-Englander interests could leave us isolated and alone. We shall need friends. These can be made only by the friendship we show to others in Europe and beyond.

Capricorn demands efficiency. Friends working together create the greatest economic efficiency and social security. Seeing our way ahead as broadening our friendship with other nations, making friends everywhere, is the key to securing the best use of our Brexit decision. Comparisons between Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher are difficult to avoid.