March 27 lunar eclipse horoscope

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  4. Simple explanation: what causes eclipses?

Note that solar-eclipse predictors compute the Sun's blockage during partial eclipses in two ways. Magnitude refers to the fraction of the solar disk's diameter that is covered by Moon, whereas obscuration corresponds to the fraction of the disk's area that's covered.

The viewing prospects are even worse for this partial solar eclipse, because the Moon's shadow clips Earth between the the coasts of Australia and Antarctica. France's Dumont d'Urville scientific station on the Antarctic coast should enjoy this event's "greatest eclipse," when a third of the Sun's diameter is covered at UT. The total lunar eclipse, on July 27, , is timed perfectly for those in the Eastern Hemisphere — but won't be seen from North America.

Two weeks after the new Moon involved in a July 13th's partial solar eclipse, the full Moon takes a deep dive through Earth's umbra for the second time this year.

Mid-eclipse on July 27th comes at UT, which unfortunately is in the midst of daylight across North America. But it will be a grand show across Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The partial phases run from to UT, nearly 4 full hours, which results from two factors. First, the Moon passes directly through the heart of Earth's umbral shadow, just 6 arcminutes from its center.

Love our content, but keep missing the latest?

Second, the Moon is very nearly its most distant from Earth, near the apogee of its orbit, resulting in a slightly diminished orbital velocity. Two weeks later, with the Moon having moved halfway around its orbit and once again new, another partial solar eclipse takes place — the third and final one in This time the geometry shifts from extreme southern latitudes to extreme northern ones. Greatest eclipse, at UT, takes place off the northern coast of Siberia at a latitude of Much of Scandinavia, Russia, and eastern Asia enjoy a partial eclipse that day.

The mix of events gets more interesting next year, with three different flavors of solar eclipse — one each of partial, annular, and total — and partial and total lunar eclipses. The Moon's deep umbral dive on January 21, , will offer ringside seats for skywatchers in North and South America.

Great article Kelly, BUT…. None of these events are actually visible from NZ.

Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius-Leo - July 27, 2018 - Free Webinar

Hey… I know you really tried so hard. I agree with G-W, very good article, as always. Unfortunately I will not be able to see any of these events from here in North Carolina except possibly the very begining of the Jan. I also missed the August total eclipse because it was cloudy; only saw a little of partial before and after. Keep up the good work. Had another read moments ago, and your full restored article does indeed show two lunar eclipses visible from NZ.

The total Lunar Eclipse on Jan 31st certainly looks a beaut. Thanks once again, Kelly, for a great article! Best wishes for If you view the moon at midnight, the Sun will be positioned directly beneath your feet. The earthen moon in Capricorn squares the Sun in Aries. Earth and fire, smoky jingle glow, rich black earthworm heaven. Lumps of lava sprout from humid fumes. Gold nuggets crystallize instantly like honeyed quartz, then sink back, gurgling softly. The ram, red eyes cooled, descends the desert mountain to meet the shaggy sea-goat.

At the base of the ocean cliffs they sit silently in the tide pool, horns locked.

Moon Phases 12222 – Lunar Calendar for New York, New York, USA

Like crossroads, quarter moons prompt change. On Apr 3, the moon moves into Aries, marking the end of the quarter moon period and beginning of the new moon. The purpose of this quarter moon is restructuring. Capricorn, like our skeleton, is resistant to change. Aries teaches Capricorn that sometimes the best structure is a brand new one. He encourages us to break away from existing structures and strike out on our own.

This moon phase is powerful enough to melt away the entire winter. Pushed off, afloat the unknown, all on your own, just you and the fire on your breath, and it is fucking marvelous. At this quarter moon last year, my partner and I spent a weekend apart so that we could clear our minds and choose a direction. Moon phases during Aries season are all designed with one thing in mind: laying the groundwork for the coming year. With the quarter moon in Capricorn, life feels serious and weighty. Even palm reading is termed chiromancy. Chiron was not part of the establishment and he mingled with other outcasts.

He was seen as maverick who used unorthodox methods to heal others and promote spiritual enlightenment. The major theme of solar eclipse March therefore relates to a deep wound in your soul. This could be some existing physical or emotional pain, but may also indicate a new wound received following this eclipse. Other aspects in the solar eclipse March astrology chart and the lunar eclipse in two weeks time will give more detail about the nature of your wound and the healing process. Both Chiron and Constellation Aquarius have the new age feel about them.

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Your new start or new goals may involve natural or alternative methods but also new breakthroughs in science and technology. Air travel and the Internet have a part to play in both wounding through the spread of disease, and healing through information sharing. The influence of Chiron suggest health issues impeding your growth and happiness.

Unethical or immoral behavior will not be rewarded. Moderation, self-control and self-discipline will help you avoid the over optimistic and excessive nature of Jupiter. Try not to take on too much or push yourself too hard because of a tendency to over-estimate your resources and abilities.

Fear and pessimism can lead to a defeatist attitude and melancholy. There will be a tendency to evade responsibility and give up on your goals. Saturn may indicate that your wound stems from guilt and resulting self-abuse. This would indicate the karmic repercussions of inflicting a wound on another person. If your own wound stems from guilt about hurting someone else or being disloyal, then forgiveness is critical to healing your wound. Forgive yourself but also importantly forgive anyone who has hurt you.

This aspect requires hard work, patience and discipline. Disappointment and delays make it that much harder to focus on the original solar eclipse goals of healing your wounds. You will feel more determined and purposeful than usual to achieve your goals. Any obsessive or compulsive tendencies you have can actually be harnessed to get a difficult task done. This aspect also describes the result of your healing process, which is the evolution of your soul. The reduction of pain allows you to soar higher at the spiritual level.

Capricorn Solar Eclipse New Moon - January , - Guru Rattana Blog

A rapid leap in spiritual development can actually cause physical pain as your higher self jumps ahead but leaves your physical body behind. The resulting growing pains will then need to be healing through those methods associated with Chiron. This is one aspect that can really combat the limiting and depressing influence of Saturn. It compensates for any defeatism or lack of faith, and ensures higher moral and ethical standards.

Simple explanation: what causes eclipses?

Saturn trine Uranus is ahead of the solar eclipse, another transition phase in your life over the next year. This is the ideal time to make positive changes in your life because they should run smoothly. Change will not be upsetting or erratic as it sometimes can. You will remain calm and patient, planning every step methodically.

You may be given more responsibility but also be allowed enough freedom to tackle the work in your own way. The March 8 solar eclipse shows you and your goals for the next six months. It could be an existing wound from this life or a previous one, or it may come during the eclipse phase. With wounding comes healing, in some cultures there is only one word to describe both. Jupiter shows how you need to take it easy. Be patient, self-disciplined and take responsibility.